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Our mission is two-fold. First, we want to educate consumers on healthy and natural foods for their pets. We have regular pet-friendly events where we discuss pet nutrition and more. Second, we want to bring awareness to the local pet rescue organizations who work tirelessly to find permanent homes for homeless pets in our community. We have adoption or fund-raising events in our stores practically every weekend. Check us out on Facebook for our upcoming events!


Improve your pet’s quality of life and overall well-being with our selection of healthy and natural pet food. A1 Pet Emporium carries only the best brands. Our experienced staff will help you select the food and brand that’s right for your pet’s needs.

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Determining which foods are the best fit for your Dog or Cat can sometimes be overwhelming. We have very high standards and offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all food. For example, our foods contain no corn, no wheat, no by-products, no soy, or artificial coloring. We have a wide variety of species-appropriate foods in all price ranges and a well-trained staff to help you navigate and simplify your choices. Visit any of our stores today to learn more about how to make sure your Dog or Cat is getting the best!


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